Hardwax Oil Swift

Quick-drying, low-odour roll-on product for oiling wooden floors. Extremely easy to apply, as it does not need to be polished. Provides a robust surface against spills and stains.

2.5L natural, matte
SFr. 191.20
neu SFr. 172.08


Hardwax Oil Swift combines natural oil and wax in one product and provides an extremely robust surface with high resistance to spills. Swift gives the floor a neutral appearance and a slip-resistant surface that is easy to maintain. The product is well suited for the basic treatment of untreated or freshly sanded wood surfaces and as a top coat on WOCA Master Colour Oil.

  • no polishing necessary, easy to use
  • very resistant to water, coffee and red wine
  • robust against scratches and marks
  • for a natural look
  • lets the wood breathe
  • easy to maintain with the associated products


Product, room and floor must have a temperature of 15°C to 30°C and a humidity of approx. 50%. The humidity in the wood must not exceed 12%. The room should be well ventilated because of the drying time and the evaporation. The floor must be free of dirt, grease, wax and dust. Sand already treated floors with grain 120-150 down to the raw wood. Vacuum thoroughly and wipe the floor with a damp cloth if necessary. Hardwax Oil Swift is ready for use.

  1. Hardwax Oil Swift should be stirred thoroughly before and during use. Canisters with different batch numbers should be mixed to avoid differences in colour.
  2. Apply a thin layer of oil with a short pile roller (3-4 mm) in the direction of the fibres. Distribute oil well
  3. Allow the floor to dry for 4-5 hours. The drying time depends on the temperature, humidity and applied amount. Lower temperature and/or higher humidity can extend the drying time.
  4. If another layer of oil is required, repeat the treatment within 12 hours. However, for surfaces that have been oiled earlier, one layer of oil is usually sufficient.
  5. The freshly oiled floor can be walked on carefully the next day and is hardened after 7 days under normal room conditions. During the first 7 days when the oil hardens, do not wet or clean the floor.

Cleaning & Care

Clean with WOCA Natural Soap or WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap. If necessary, treat with Hardwax Oil Swift or WOCA Maintenance Gel.