Pro Oil Course Seminar for Craftsmen

Course content: Application inside and outside, Woca
maintenance system and new products, cleaning and
refurbishing wood floors, Hands-on work: oils, lyes,
stains, soaps. Sign up now and book your place

Profi-Kurs Bern, 21.3.2024
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Profi-Kurs Zug, 28.3.2024
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Profi-Kurs Balterswil TG, 4.4.2024
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Pro Oil Course Seminar for Craftsmen

Welcome to the WOCA Skill Center!

NOTE: Due to the corona virus we are forced to cancel the oil courses. We will communicate the new dates here as soon as possible. If you wish, we will be happy to inform you personally. Please order the article "Inform me..." and leave us your contact details in your order.

The Pro Seminar is directed towards floor layers, joiners, carpenters, and all-round builders, as well as salespeople who advise customers on issues related to wood flooring. The wood business and painters' supplies. We're looking forward to seeing you and hope you have a lot of fun!

Pro Oil Training Course

lyes - stains - colored oils Deep cleaning and rejuvenating wood decks

 Course content:

  • Which oil when?
  • Before oiling - what is important?
  • Steamed woods - how to oil?
  • White oiling - the different stages
  • Is there a possibility that wood does not turn yellow?
  • Re-oiling - what needs to be cleared?
  • How often must it be re-oiled?
  • Over-oiled parquet flooring - what now?
  • Soap treatment as surface?

Participation is free, including coffee, mineral water, and snack - each participant gets a course folder.