WOCA Solvent

Isoparaffin-based oil solvent. Compatible with all WOCA
Wood Floor Oils. For pre-treating steamed woods.

WOCA Oil Solvent 1.0 Liter
SFr. 39.70
neu SFr. 35.73
WOCA Oil Solvent 5.0 Liters
SFr. 183.35
neu SFr. 165.02


WOCA Solvent

WOCA Solvent is based on isoparaffin and is compatible with all WOCA Wood Flood Oils.

Applications for WOCA Solvent
For pre-treating steamed woods like beech, walnut, pear, etc.
For thinning WOCA Wood Floor Oils
For removing dried oil after too much has been applied, using the Patina Disc
For soaking tools used in oil treatment

Pre-treatment with WOCA Solvent

To use as a pre-treatment, WOCA Solvent can be mixed at a ratio of 1:1 with Maintenance Oil, 2:1 with Wood Floor Oil, 2:1 with Master Oil, or 3:1 with WOCA High Solid Master Oil or Diamond Oil. Apply the pre-treatment to the wood smoothly and evenly using an applicator and sheepskin. Use a paint brush to treat edges and corners beforehand. After about 10-15 minutes, the pre-treatment will be fully absorbed into the wood, and you can apply the ordinary basic treatment with unthinned WOCA Wood Floor Oils.

Over-oiling occurs when too much oil has been applied and not completely dry polished afterwards. The result is a surface that's sticky and cannot dry out properly. When this happens, WOCA Solvent can be used to dissolve the oil. It's important to do this immediately afterwards, since it's no longer possible after the oil has been allowed to dry completely.

Application: Apply a generous amount of Woca Solvent to the surface. Use a floor polisher-professional with beige pad and 3 Patina Discs to polish the surface evenly. Take care to always polish "wet on wet". Afterwards, dry-polish the surface.

Soaking tools
tools used, including oil rollers, sheepskin, and brushes can be soaked in Woca Solvent. Preserving them in WOCA Solvent prevents the oils from drying out.