WOCA Softwood Lye

    Lye pre-treatment for softwoods (fir, larch, spruce,
    etc.); bleaches wood and provides effective protection
    against yellowing caused by UV rays.

    Woca Softwood Lye 2.5 Liters Woca Softwood Lye White
    SFr. 57.45
    neu SFr. 51.71


    WOCA Softwood Lye

    Treating wood beforehand with WOCA Softwood Lye
    protects it from yellowing caused by UV rays in sunlight. Lye treatment bleaches softwoods like larch, spruce, fir, stone pine, pine, etc.

    Softwood Lye helps open the pores in the wood, which leads to greater and more consistent saturation when pigmented oil is applied later on.

    This product is recommended for its organic properties that meet healthy living standards, so it can be used to treat worktops, Kitchen surfaces, and even children's toys.

    Woca Softwood Lye

    Woca Softwood Lye on spruce   Woca Softwood Lye on larch
    Woca Softwood Lye on spruce   Woca Softwood Lye on larch

    Treatment, from left to right:
    Spruce, Woca Softwood Lye & High Solid Master Oil White; Larch, Woca Softwood Lye & High Solid Master Oil White. The images are only illustrations for treated wood shades; it is possible that colors may differ from this sample.

    Product Info

    May only be used on softwoods
    The wood must be bare and finely sanded (120-grit sanding mesh)(three-disc machine at 150 grit) Coverage: Woca Softwood Lye treats 8-10 m2 per liter
    Drying time: eight hours at an average room temperature of 20° Celsius
    After everything is dry, do an intermediate sanding using the beige pad in order to flatten out minor irregularities left by the treatment and smooth over still-open pores in the wood.

    Sheepskin is especially useful for achieving a smooth application of the lye treatment, and it can also be used to get to the edges and corners.

    Items needed:
    sheepskin, oil applicator, telescoping extension pole, gloves, rotary floor polisher-professional, beige pads, 2x

    Applying Woca Softwood Lye